Milbon Elujuda Sun Treatment Serum SPF25 PA+++ 120ml

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Daily care that moisturizes and cuts UV rays

Treatment oil that does not wash away.

When used on hair after a bath, it blocks UV rays the next day!

SPF25 PA +++ suitable for everyday use.

"Smooth texture oil" that can evenly apply UV-cutting ingredients to the tips of the hair, reducing stiffness and giving it a smooth feel that makes you want to touch it.

With the power of plants (hair protection ingredient) and hair repair ingredient CMADK, damage care is done to make beautiful hair full of moisture.

When the hair is exposed to ultraviolet rays, the color of the beautiful hair color may become less mochi.

In order to keep the beautiful design, let's start daily care that moisturizes the hair while blocking UV rays.

Oasis-like scent in nature

Add the freshness of grapefruit to the elegant sweetness and tenderness.


Hair care leave-in treatment Scalp Sunscreen UV Protection

How to use

  • After towel-drying, take an appropriate amount and apply it while passing your finger through the middle to the tip of the hair. Estimated usage: Short & Bob: 1 push, Medium: 2 pushes, Long: 3 pushes
  • Apply the excess sun treatment to the top surface, which is easily exposed to ultraviolet rays. It can also be used on the scalp where you are worried about sunburn.
  • Dry and finish.