Milbon Cronna Ice Fresh Sherbet Shower 150G

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CRONNA is a combination of the words "crono" and "donna" which aims to make women ageless through time as we preserve the beauty of the hair, capturing the beauty of women.

Formulated with orange oil, for increased cleansing power, this foam shampoo reaches a sub-zero degree celsius upon application for that icy cool refreshing feel on the scalp that lasts even after the shampoo has been rinsed off. Tackle excess sebum, odor and the heat with this icy menthol shampoo that even suppresses your hair color from fading if you have dyed your hair. 

Power Ingredients: 

✓ Orange Oil 


Mandarin Orange cleanse and refresh the scalp

How To Use:  

Thoroughly wet both your hair and scalp before shampooing to maximize product performance. Emulsify shampoo directly on to the scalp to enjoy the instant cooling effect.