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Pushers latest and most ambitious brew yet, affectionally called "Cha'pagne" by the team, is our botanical bubbles, fit for fine dining.

This bottle of bubbles has gone through an initial fermentation, and is based on organic sustainably grown green tea from Chiang Mai, and raw organic honey from Sampran. This base is then blended with a unique combination of floral botanicals to create a crisp, aromatic, and dry drop. It resembles natural wine / pet nat, and may contain some sediment which is common in those types of beverages.

Pushers "cha'pagne" (Cha = Tea | Pagne = from champagne) is what we call this type of brew.

Though we don't intend for this to be a non-alcoholic champagne replica, its use case is fitting for those celebratory moments.

Serving Suggestions:

Serve chilled in a wine glass, champagne saucer, or flute.

Best enjoyed with good company and delicious food.

Storage Details:

Store in the fridge (2-5 degrees celsius) for 3 months.