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11.7mm (15/32") • 24-strand • 6,500 lb ABS • 1.4% elongation at 10% ABS • 6 lb per 100' • spliceable

Yale's Blue Moon is a popular climbing rope that offers a slightly larger grip than other 11mm lines. At 11.7mm, it is slightly thicker than other 7/16" rope such as Yale's Blaze. Great for climbers who want to use climbing hardware that requires a smaller-diameter line, but who prefer a slightly larger grip. BlueMoon is light yet durable, has good hand and knotability, and runs well in hardware. The double-braid construction and tight cover of BlueMoon works well through mechanical devices.

Yale makes Blue Moon with a 24-strand "Tite-Braid" cover that reduces cover milking. The braided filament polyester core keeps the rope firm and flexible even after extensive work use.

This popular rope is known by many other names in other colors.

Competition grade

Smooth cover for mechanical ascension

Low stretch

Unique size

Light weight

Made in the USA