SINGLE ORIGIN washed process

Ground (233g), Whole (233g), Ground (466g), Whole (466g), Ground (1Kilo), Whole (1Kilo)
Seed of Hope Coffee
Seed of Hope Coffee

 Tanachit is a hard working farmer on Doi Mon Lan who's bean density weighed in at 740g/ liter. For coffee roasters and snobs (polite

ones, of course), this means a really hard bean, grown at high altitude and packed with potential. Roasted just shy of medium,

you can still get some of the bright acidity and fruit notes. We discovered notes of cinnamon, nutmeg, clove, sweet raisin bread and in

the background, hints of dried apricot fruit leather. Whether you brew drip-style, espresso, mocha pot or aero-press.....ENJOY!